• Dreams

    When my mom would fall asleep on the couch, on a Sunday, I’d put a blanket over her and do my best to keep quiet. She never fell asleep at TV or in a week day, because those situations required her attention. Most of the time, she would wake up, startled and ask what happened.… Read more

  • How Writing Advice can be both Good and Bad #amwriting

    Originally posted on Life in the Realm of Fantasy: Authors who are just starting out need to learn the craft. We humans find it easy to remember simple sayings, little proverbs, if you will. The commonly bandied proverbs of writing are meant to encourage us to write lean, descriptive prose and craft engaging conversations. These… Read more

  • Today is my birthday…

    … and it got me thinking about time. About my self and my life, my decisions. In the last couple of years, a few days prior to April the 19th, I would take a seat and flip through my life album. It’s not a real album, that I could share with somebody else, is more… Read more

  • Double walker – Chapter three

    Alice was analyzing her own reflection, in the fogged bathroom mirror. She had just taken a shower, one of those when the water felt like an embrace, allowing her to reflect over the day’s events. The night before, Alice didn’t have these thoughts! She was on her 19th day in a row regime, following her… Read more

  • Double walker – Chapter two

    ‘Did – did you see that woman?’, Alice asked the barista. ‘What? What woman?’ Alice muttered something under her breath and ran outside the door. As she pushed it, her mind was racing, trying to find a valid explanation for why was another woman wearing her face? She looked around for the dark color blazer… Read more

  • Double walker – Chapter one

    It takes 26 days to make a new habit. Today was Alice’s 20th day in a row, of her new routine. She had seen on Pinterest that if you want to improve yourself, your mind set, you have to create more “healthy habits”. Waking up just 20 minutes before you need o leave home, was… Read more